Invest in your future by maximising the value and profitability of your Adelaide property development project with Beltana Property Group.


Placing your property development project, no matter the size, scope or complexity, in our experienced hands means you can trust that we’re committed to delivering an outcome that achieves your goals on time and on budget.

At Beltana Property Group, we provide stress-free, adaptive, financially viable property development services to Adelaide families, businesses, and investors, which will maximise the return and value of your investment.

Build Your Dream Home with Our Dream Team

Real Estate

Real Estate, Real Dreams, Real Promises

Secure your tomorrow by harnessing the Beltana Property Group’s responsible property development in Adelaide and South Australia.

Achieve your real estate dreams, no matter the type of owner/builder/investor you are, with our open, practical, and affordable development packages.

Our Reputation precedes us

That’s 40 years of successful project development and construction of all types of properties and executing all kinds of property project development contracts, big, small, and in-between.

The property market itself is challenging enough. The last thing you need is drama from your property developer.

We do our due diligence to get the job done within schedule and within budget, so all you need to focus on is your investment.

From the pre-purchase stage and up to interior design and finishing, we act more like a business partner than just your real estate developer.

We have a clear understanding of your end goal, and we’re committed all the way to you achieving it.

What We Do

Affordable And Excellent Property Development

No matter your property development needs, the Beltana Property Group can meet them- because we’ve seen it all and done it all. 

With our experienced eye on your budget and your time, your project goals will be met in an efficient, cost-effective, timely, and ultimately profitable manner.

We bring an ownership mindset to every project and its development process because we recognize each home or property is indispensable and precious.

Whether it’s a family residence, a commercial property for business, or an investment-led real estate development, our careful strategies keep you ahead of the market and ahead of the game, ensuring an increased market value for your property, short or long-term. 

Funding and Financing Advice

Funding and Financing Advice

We stay up to date on all the usual- and even some unusual financing sources, so we are always on the inside edge of the finance maze, thereby giving you the best financing advice.

Whether you opt for a mortgage, a loan, or private financing, our in-house finance strategists have just the right project knowledge and financial know-how to guide you to the best deals in the local Adelaide area.

Location Acquisition

Location is everything in real estate development and property management, and buying land is where the property development journey begins usually.

As experienced property developers, the Beltana Property Group is a longtime expert at finding just the right particular site for the right client.

But we don’t just stop at finding those prime locations for our clients, we’re pretty good at site acquisition too as part of the property development process.

Our goal is to take all the stress off you, leaving you to make these life decisions in a calm, peaceful space.

Location Survey and Feasibility

As your project manager, we do the numbers to get the right figures for your investment property goals.

Our detailed site survey and feasibility study take into account all the relevant property development factors to ensure the best investment outcomes.

The Paperwork (Plans & Approvals)

Sit back and let us take the reins as we fast-track your property development project through getting the required building permit, meeting town planning regulations, and other official approvals.

From plans application submission up to final approvals, you will find us savvy, responsive, flexible, open, and our expertise indisputable.

Experience does count, and you get to take advantage of ours- all 40 years worth.


Four decades in the industry as project managers mean the Beltana Property Group always has a current and complete email list of the expert team to call.

These include everyone from builders, contractors, and real estate agents for every conceivable phase of the project.

We understand the importance of getting the right people and services involved, and we are just the property strategist your real estate projects need.

Let us do for you what we do best, getting the best hands for your property development goals.  


When the rubber meets the road and the actual construction process begins, we’ll be right there for you- and with you.

Our phase-to-phase construction monitoring and inspection of each real estate project expose defects or digressions from the plan early.

This effectively limits the chances of a major fail point occurring.

Final Project Review & Delivery

We’ll always deliver a fully completed development project.

That requires a post-construction rigorous process of testing, analysis, and review of each aspect including timelines, final costs, present and possible future trends, similar property prices, and every other detail pertinent to your future profitability. 

Our goal as your project management team is to make sure nothing catches you by surprise when you meet the marketplace so that you can always deal from a position of strength and knowledge.

We Work For All Client Types

We act as developers for all construction and development project types.

  • First Home Buyers
  • Residential Property Buyers
  • Investors
  • Commercial Property Buyers

Not on this list? Give us a call. Chances are, we have you covered too.


Several benefits

Several benefits are achievable from property development, some of which may not be readily apparent. A few are:

  • Profits: Income from rental returns, sales, leases, sub-divisions, and other real estate revenue through property development has long been recognized as a steady income source. 
  • Secure investment: They don’t say real estate is a stable and safe investment for nothing. Secure your investments with a property portfolio, recognized as one of the most reliable investment portfolios globally. 
  • Inflation proof: Guard against inflation by riding the real estate development wave. Ensure your dollar remains the same dollar, or even more long-term.

How Long Will It Take?

Each property development project is unique. However, with us as your development manager, you can expect a build time of approximately 18 weeks.

The Beltana Property Group has made a great habit of delivering construction and management projects on time and on budget.

What Will It cost?

Your dreams do have a price tag.

But here at the Beltana Property Group, it’s our great pleasure to harness all relevant factors in order to arrive at the right cost, vision, and achievability balance that makes it all affordable.

Contact a customer success manager now to get a quote estimate.

Look at our work


Our past development successes speak for us. Take a peek into the property development projects we’ve executed. We hope they give you a taste of what we do, and an urge to start construction!

Let’s Build!

Contact a customer success manager right now! And let’s turn those dreams into steel, glass, and brick-and-mortar reality.

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what we do


At Beltana Property Group, we’ll help you find the perfect site for your property development, which is critical to ensuring a successful outcome.


Our comprehensive site feasibility analysis will make sure the numbers add up so that you’ll receive maximum return on your investment.


At Beltana Property Group, it’s our knowledge, experience and expertise that ensures the efficient flow of your project, from lodgement through to approval.


Securing the right team is vital to your property development success. And at Beltana Property Group, we’ll do the hard work for you.


We’ll find, select, and appoint a real estate agent, or we’ll manage and support the agent you’ve already appointed on your behalf.


At the completion of your project, we’ll conduct a thorough review that includes a critical analysis of project costs, timelines, and sales prices.