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Building projects can be demanding and stressful. But by placing your project management in our experienced hands, you can be confident of achieving the result you want, on time and on budget.

At Beltana Property Group, we provide stress-free, responsive, flexible, financially viable project management services to Adelaide families, businesses and investors, no matter your project’s size, scope, or complexity.

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Local and grounded

Because we live in Adelaide, South Australia, and understand Adelaide and the Australian property development life cycle.

We assist your decision-making with the best location advice for residential or commercial clients.

Getting you the consultants you need

Local terrain and topography information? Supply chains of the best materials and suppliers, and of course, local contractors at competitive costs? Not a problem.

The Beltana Property Group is unquestionably the go-to for total property project management in South Australia and Adelaide.

Well-earned reputation

We’ve got a solid 40 years of extensive experience in project management around the South Australia area. That’s a 40-year reputation of ongoing success that signifies we are responsible and trustworthy every time.

Naturally, we’ve also got all the right accreditation, licencing and affiliations in place to get you the best project development deals.

All the project management services you need

Our services span residential developments, commercial developments, and rural development management.

Quality materials in a monitored setting

Be assured of the highest quality control in materials, and in our great team of builders and professionals.

We bring an owner mentality to each project management contract right up to the successful completion of the construction. And all this at a budget you can trust.

Because we listen, our customers trust us and so should you! Give us a spin today!

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What We Do for You

Like in most industry sectors, construction management has key stages.

As your project manager, we’ll guide you through every inch of the project’s life cycle, always maintaining flexibility to account for your project’s distinctiveness.

Our Project management workflow typically is:

Collaborative consultation with the client

During this, we give you funding and financial advice, land packages and pre-purchase recommendations, job contracts and conveyancing directions, city planning codes guidance, dispute resolution suggestions, and everything else in between.

You won’t navigate contract administration technicalities blind. That’s what we are here for.

Planning & Scheduling

The core project team streamlines all into a working document that anticipates cost-effective and timely project delivery. Due to our collaborative approach, clients are involved from start to finish.


Our specialist team will add its business and construction knowledge to your vision for your home to birth conceptual designs that resonate with your dreams.

As your project manager, we’ll always listen first before we offer the best advice on design, construction, cost, and management.

Property Development Management

Once the project development proper begins, we take care of coordinating labour, materials, supplies, and monitoring project construction.

Your input during this stage is always welcome, and our flexibility means we can always find a way to inject your ideas.

Quality Control & Project Review

During the construction of the project, we undertake periodic checks to identify and deal with any flaws in the project as it progresses.

This approach minimizes the chances of serious deviations from the design.

Once all builders and stakeholders announce that the project is complete, a rigorous testing and project review stage follows.

As developers, we take the business of quality control seriously. Our project management services do not stop until clear success is achieved.

Specific property development project goals will be tested to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Project delivery

We undertake development management for clients chiefly for the satisfaction of eventual project delivery to happy customers.

It’s always a good day in Beltana Property Group when we deliver a developed, complete project to a property owner or client.


Just because we’ve handed over your property doesn’t mean our services are over. Leaving development sites just means the next phase after project delivery can begin.

Our maintenance services will typically last longer than the project construction phase, usually enduring for the life of the property.

project construction

How We Do It


The capacity to deliver a project on time is a strongly held ethic among all stakeholders at our firm. Set the schedule, and we’ll meet it!

Budget and Reduced Cost

Our long stint as developers enables us to leverage economies of scale and source materials and labour at wholesale prices. These prices would be difficult for the client to get normally on their own.

Full customisation

We consult with our clients so your finished home or property totally reflects you. We take your dreams and ideas seriously!


Our 40 years in the project management business are completely at your disposal, guaranteeing the best outcomes. Our team is the one to beat and top-notch in the Adelaide area.


We’re an open book and totally welcome a client’s monitoring of the project assisted by all the technology we can muster. You see it as it happens!


We strive to maintain a friendly and easy line of communication with every client. Because we are constantly talking to you, nothing takes you by surprise.



Don’t just take our word for it. Our past clientele has a lot of happy memories to share about working with us here.


  1. What type of clients does Beltana Property Group typically cater to?
    Answer: We work with all types of clients, including potential homeowners looking to acquire residential properties, businesses, and property investors.
  2. What kind of properties does Beltana Property Group manage or develop?
    Answer: Residential, commercial, and rural development, project management, and conveyancing all fall within our purview and expertise. You can look at our past projects here.
  3. Where are you located?
    Answer: The Beltana Property Group is located in Adelaide, South Australia, but we would be glad to lend our assistance anywhere it is required.
  4. Can you handle multiple projects at the same time?
    Answer: Yes, the Beltana Property Group can manage and develop projects of any scale or scope, and we have often done this in the past.

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what we do


At Beltana Property Group, we’ll select and coordinate consultants and contractors on your behalf, for a successful project outcome.


To ensure efficiency and the realisation of profit targets, we’ll conduct budget and cost management analysis throughout your project.


From the commencement of your project to completion, Beltana Property Group will ensure timelines are met to avoid costly delays.


At Beltana Property Group, we’ll negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract and ensure compliance throughout your project.


Conducting regular inspections throughout the various phases of your project ensures that any defects are identified and remediated immediately.


At the completion of your project, we’ll conduct a thorough review that includes a critical analysis of project costs, timelines, and sales prices.