Here’s What an Adelaide Project Management Specialist Should Be Doing So You Realise Your Property Dreams.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your current home, or if you’re ready to build your dream home, building projects can be demanding and stressful. And you can easily find yourself faced with costly delays if you don’t have the right project management processes in place from the beginning.

So, quite simply, it makes sense to place the management of your project in the hands of an expert, saving yourself time, money, and stress.

But how do you find an Adelaide property project management specialist you can rely on?

Finding a property project management expert you can rely on can be a stressful and expensive process, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find one who’ll work hard on your behalf to ensure you achieve your property goals.

And so, for a stress-free project, here’s our guide to what a great property project manager should do, so you don’t have to.

1.       Select and Engage Consultants

Finding the consultants and contractors who’ll provide you with a successful project outcome can be stressful. But a project management specialist will do the hard work for you by selecting and securing them on your behalf.

From architects, engineers, surveyors, and town planners through to interior designers, a project management specialist will plan, liaise with, and manage them all.

2.       Manage Your Costs and Budget

Your budget and the costs associated with your building project can easily spiral out of control if you don’t have effective processes in place from the beginning of your project.

A property project management professional will conduct regular budget and cost management analyses throughout your project to ensure the realisation of your profit targets. Because, by estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs from the beginning of your project, they can benchmark costs through every stage, and realign the direction if required.

3.       Map the Timeline of Your Project

Quite simply, without having critical timelines in place for the duration of your project, you may find yourself faced with costly delays. But an experienced property project manager will build your project programming timeline for you to ensure your objectives are met.

From creating a project scope statement, through to identifying resource availability and creating critical timelines, a comprehensive project programming timeline will provide a complete overview from start to finish. Meaning increased work efficiency, which will ultimately deliver your project on time, and on budget.

4.       Create and Manage Contracts

From the initial pre-award phase, through to completion, an expert property project manager will ensure your budget and resources align with your overall project goals. From creating the contract on your behalf, negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract, through to arranging sign-off for contract approval and finalisation before your project commences.

And to make life easier for you, your project manager should not only liaise with all other parties involved if contract changes occur throughout your project, but also thoroughly examine any variations or additional costs issued to ensure your project objectives are achieved.

5.       Perform Regular Inspections

Conducting inspections throughout the various phases of your project is critical in ensuring that it remains on time and on budget. Regular defects inspections will ensure that any issues identified are remediated immediately.

Providing you with a detailed property defect report with high-quality photos and expert recommendations on the most appropriate course of action for any defects identified, means that you can have peace of mind that any issues have been taken care of before final handover.

6.       Complete a Detailed Project Review

Quite simply, a professional project management specialist should make it their business to ensure that your project objectives have been met, and so at the completion of your project, will conduct a detailed review of the entire process.

This should involve determining that the actual cost of the project is in line with your original budget, analysing the performance of the entire project team, identifying any health and safety or quality issues throughout your project, and ensuring that all relevant certifications have been received.

Summing Up

Hopefully these tips have given you a clearer idea of what to look for when deciding on an Adelaide property project management specialist.

Because you should be confident that the project manager you engage will not only deliver an outcome that will help you realise your property goals, but they’ll exceed your expectations with the service they provide.

With over 40 years of experience in the Adelaide property industry, Beltana Property Group understands that every client and every project is unique.

So, if you’d like to have a chat with us about your next building project, whether it’s in metropolitan Adelaide or regional South Australia, we’d love to hear from you, and find out if we can help you achieve your property dreams.


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